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What You Need to Know About Using a Stainless Steel Frying Pan

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What You Need to Know About Using a Stainless Steel Frying Pan

There are numerous benefits of using stainless steel frying pan in your kitchen: they distribute heat evenly and quickly and have a nonstick surface (which means its surface doesn't affect the taste of what you're cooking). Most of these high quality frying pans are made of food grade stainless steel with an aluminum alloy core. This alloy core offers extra strength and durability for whatever you use it on. The problem with nonstick cookware is that it can be easily scratched or damaged, which results in the loss of its ability to conduct heat evenly. The metal surface is also non-stick but has no effect on the flavor so if you use a pan with a steel coating, there's no need to worry about the unsavory side tastes of the metal.

Another thing to consider when purchasing a stainless steel frying pan is what kind of dish soap you're going to buy. Dish soap that is specially formulated for stainless steel won't scratch or discolor the surface of your skillet. A good dish soap will leave your skillet looking like new and clean, even after countless hours of use.

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