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What Is A High Quality Pull-Through Coffee Distributor?

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What Is A High Quality Pull-Through Coffee Distributor?

For years, the coffee industry has relied on a particular device to aid in the brewing process - the push-through tamper ring. In its simplest form, a tamper ring is made up of a flat disc that slips over the cup and then over the coffee pot. The coffee distributor leveler ensures that the coffee will be held securely in place within the tamper ring. While many coffee enthusiasts enjoy the convenience of this device, there are many others who find it problematic and difficult to clean and maintain.

A high quality Calibration Pull-Through Tampower, for example, ensures that even when left unattended, the tamper ring will remain securely in place so that it can provide consistently superior brew every time. The unique design of the Calibration Pull-Through tampers allows for tamper rings to be easily cleaned at home with detergent and warm water. Once it is fully clean and dry, simply peel back the protective sheet keeping it from getting any dirt or debris underneath. To remove any residue, simply wipe down the inside of the tamper ring with a paper towel. The same goes for cleaning the small grindstone situated at the bottom of each cup: simply wipe it down with a clean cloth before placing it back to its place in the tamping machine.

With the high quality, precision construction and innovative features provided by the Calibration Pull-Through Tampower you will know that you are getting the most out of your coffee. It has an integrated steel mesh grinder that provides consistent flavor and aroma throughout the entire cup of coffee and is easy to clean. Its burr grinder allows for even distribution of coffee particles through the grindstone and prevents the grinding noise you hear from some older, less sophisticated coffee distributors. The Tamper Ring, and the entire coffee distributor leveler and tamper ring assembly, are also designed to withstand high levels of heat, making them ideal for use in your commercial coffee machines.



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