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Two Different Coffee Filter Holder Ideas

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Two Different Coffee Filter Holder Ideas

Are you looking for a new coffee filter holder? Then it's time to get creative as there are hundreds of coffee filter holder ideas to choose from. It doesn't matter if you are going to use these coffee filter holders at home or for your office. Here are two different coffee filter holder ideas that I think are great.

First, there is the Coffee Filter Holders by Handground. The Handground Bamboo Coffee Filter Holder actually does what the name says, it holds coffee filters. In fact, it holds six different coffee filters: two Drip Filters (one regular and one semi-brew), two burr coffee filters, and two grounds. So not only can you use this coffee filter holder to hold your coffee filters, but you can also use it to keep your coffee filters in an organized, beautiful way. In fact, I would say that this coffee filter holder idea is better than the ones with the fancy designs.

The second coffee filter holder idea that I would like to mention is the Handground Drip Coffee Filter Holder. This particular holder allows you to be able to pour the coffee that you want into one of your standard coffee cups, and it will drip right through into your cup, thus preventing any grounds from getting left behind. What's cool about this particular handground holder is that it even allows you to brew coffee on both sides at the same time. So if you are having coffee one side and have put the coffee filter holder on the other side to pour your coffee, you can still make great coffee! Great coffee filter holder ideas like this are a must have if you love coffee as I do.

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