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The Counterbalanced Handle On A Good Coffee Kettle

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The Counterbalanced Handle On A Good Coffee Kettle

The coffee kettle is the one item in your kitchen that you use everyday to boil water for your coffee. For this reason, it is very important that you make sure it is clean at all times. I know that it probably grosses you out to think about it, but the real truth is that a dirty coffee pot can actually make your coffee much worse. This is because of the number one rule of having a good cup of coffee always have your coffee hot. The reason that hot coffee is always better is that when you add more hot water to a dirty pot, it takes longer for the water to get to the heat level you are seeking.

Now I know you might not believe me, but this has been proven time again. If you want a really good cup of coffee, you don't want to mess with a poorly made coffee kettle. You need to find a steel coffee kettle that has an inside temperature gauge and an external temperature gauge. Some Kettles even have an exact temperature gauge built right into them so that you can be sure that the water is at the right temp for the perfect cup of coffee each time. This is also a great feature if you plan on making several espressos at once. You could measure the exact temperature of the water in each individual espresso shot and have the exact temperature to go with each and every shot!

A nice feature that a lot of people really enjoy with their coffee kettles is the ability to change the heat settings on the fly. This means that if you are in the mood for a really strong cup of coffee or maybe you just like stronger coffee, you can simply turn down the heat until you are ready for it. Then when you are ready for something lighter, all you have to do is go back to the heat setting. This is probably my favorite part about my Kettles and why I continue to buy one.



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