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Stainless Steel Anti Slip Handle Premium Gooseneck Pot Coffee Kettle

  • Coffee & Tea Sets

  • Metal, Stainless Steel 304

  • Stainless Steel

  • Guangdong, China

  • cookmate

  • CK14

  • Eco-Friendly, Stocked, High Quality

  • Used for coffee garland

  • Color Box

  • 99pcs


  • Customized

  • Coffee Kettle

  • Durable Handle

  • 210*90*120MM

Product Description

Stainless Steel Anti Slip Handle Premium Gooseneck Pot Coffee Kettle

     A coffee kettle is a stovetop or electric model used to brew pour-over coffee and hot steamed tea. These models feature a long spout and gooseneck design that gives users a better chance of creating consistent results.The main goal of a coffee kettle is to allow users to create the perfect brew by providing precise control over the water. This allows a more accurate blend, which leads to a more enjoyable flavor.

Coffee Kettle

    You wantcoffee kettle that can deliver an ideal water temperature when making your coffee, which is 195-205 degrees Fahrenheit.It also needs to be adjustable from 140 to 212 degrees to accommodate different types of teas and coffee, as well as hold the heat for up to an hour with its keep-warm function.Moreover, you’ll want a model that has a handle that offers excellent grip and a sturdy base.

   The most important reason for owning a gooseneck coffee kettle is to make pour over coffee. With this style of brewing, you want to hit the entire grounds evenly with water, which is why regular kettles are notoriously unsuited for this type of brew.You can control this by pouring slowly or quickly, as well as in any specific location you desire. This level of control is vital to ensuring that your coffee is balanced and smooth-tasting.

gooseneck coffee kettle

Coffee Kettle

best coffee kettle

gooseneck coffee kettle