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My Favorite Coffee Filter Holder Ideas

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My Favorite Coffee Filter Holder Ideas

There are so many different types of coffee filter holder ideas that I'd like to tell you about them all. But I'll start with the easiest ones and work my way from there.  The Handground Bamboo Coffee Filter Holder accomplishes what the title says, it holds coffee filtered coffee grounds (it's made of Bamboo, so easy to guess).  In addition, it also keeps your little conical coffee filters (like the ones on your kitchen counter) neat and tidy in a handsome bamboo case. The best feature of all is that the holder will keep your coffee filters clean. Now that's a coffee filter holder that you can be proud of.

Another one of my favorite coffee filter holder ideas is the Magician's Coffee Filter Holder. This great coffee holders has multiple uses. It's a great place to store your coffee filters when you're working on something else. When it's not in use, it protects your coffee filters from getting dirty. It has slots for holding smaller filters and even comes with an extending handle so you can hold larger filters. And when you need to make an extra coffee, just pull out the extension handle and you've made an espresso!

What if you don't have coffee makers? You still have plenty of great coffee filter holders to hold your smaller filters. For instance, you might want to keep your grounds in a holder that has a divider between the grounds and the filters. There are lots of holders that do just this. I like the paper plates for keeping coffee grounds, even though they're pretty small, because then they're easy to grab and go.




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