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How to Choose the Best Coffee Tamper

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How to Choose the Best Coffee Tamper

A Coffee Tamper is a tool used to compact the grounds of a cup of coffee in order to ensure a consistent amount of water passing through. It should be used by pushing the tamper gently down onto the surface of the portafilter. If the tamper is not applied firmly enough, the water will pass through the coffee too quickly, creating an under-extracted weak coffee. There are several types of coffee tampers, including convex, two-sided, and multi-purpose.

The most popular type of tamper is the single-handed, round-handled variety. The handle is made of ABS plastic and has a soft texture that makes it easy to grip. The base is made of stainless steel and has a sturdily constructed steel construction. This product is also lightweight, making it ideal for baristas with smaller hands. Although this tool is not designed for commercial use, it is still a good option for home use.

The most common type of coffee tamper is a dual-handle model. Its base is connected to a handle by a screw. The handle is not calibrated, which is why some people prefer this type. However, it does not have the same functionality and can result in uneven tamping. To avoid this, always use a double-handled tamper. The water should flow through the entire mass of grinds. Otherwise, water will only take the shortest route through, resulting in an under-extracted espresso.

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