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High Quality Tablecraft Chrome Plated Tostada Fry Basket

  • Other Cooking Tools, Tostada Shell Fry Basket

  • Metal, Iron Nickel Plated

  • Iron

  • Eco-Friendly, Stocked

  • Guangdong, China

  • Cookmate

  • FB-3

  • Heat-resistant

  • Customer's require

  • Approve


  • 99 Pcs

  • Silver

  • Plastic bag and box

  • Multifunction

Product Description

High Quality Tablecraft Chrome Plated Tostada Fry Basket

             Most fryer baskets are rectangular in shape, but some are round. Among the most popular are deep fat fryer baskets that are ideal for frying fried chicken, breaded fish fillets, onion rings and french fries. A triple fryer basket is perfect for operations that offer a wide variety of fried foods. Using triple baskets allows you to fry more than one menu item at once, and it's also easier for your staff to lift these heavier loads.

fryer basket

    A fryer basket is a wire holder that prevents your food from sinking to the bottom of your fryer. It also helps to catch pieces of sediment that may fall off your food during frying, so that it doesn't burn in the oil and impart a harsh flavor to the food.

    Fryer baskets are made from a variety of metals, including stainless steel, nickel, and chrome. They're constructed to withstand the extreme heat and near-constant immersion in oil required by restaurants.They also typically come with cool-touch handles that make removing foods from the fryer easy and safe.

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