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Espresso Coffee Tamper - How To Make A Great Cup Of Coffee At Home

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Espresso Coffee Tamper - How To Make A Great Cup Of Coffee At Home

An espresso tamper, commonly referred to as a coffee tamper or coffee knock box, is a tiny plastic tool which applies just enough pressure to the coffee grounds in order to create a consistent brew. The tamper compresses your pre-ground coffee grounds to a hot, dense puck so that when you draw your shot from the tamper it generates a thick, rich, smooth and creamy shot of coffee. This method of coffee brewing is used by many people, including professional baristas. The coffee tamper is very handy to have in your kitchen as it can help you create an espresso in a minute with the push of a button.

The process of using an espresso coffee tamper is very simple. You simply apply enough pressure over the pre-ground coffee seeds to force them through the tamper and then press the bottom of the tamper firmly against the espresso pot in order to compress the coffee into a dense ball. You will then repeat this procedure until you are satisfied with the thickness of the ball. If you are worried about the power of your shot or if you are not sure how much pressure you should apply to get a good result, you can use a digital thermometer to measure the pressure that you apply.

After creating your shot, you will then want to pre-heat your electric coffee popper or gas line to the desired level of heat. Carefully place your tamper into your electric coffee popper and allow it to heat up. Once it is at the desired temperature, place your coffee packet into your pre-heated glass carafe. You will then tamp down the coffee ball into the pre-heated carafe and tuck all sides of the coffee into the pre-heated coffee basket so that there are no air pockets. Then simply push the tamper into the pot and brew your favorite coffee beverage.

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