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Coffee Kettles - Essential Accessories

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Coffee Kettles - Essential Accessories

Just like any other ordinary kettle, the coffee kettle is used to boil water. However, it's a much more complex device than an ordinary kettle. It's a highly specialized device mainly used to boil water and then slowly pour that hot water over something else so that, whatever that 'something' is, easily circulates into your delicious coffee or tea. That 'something' could be tea or coffee; however there are some fundamental differences between an ordinary kettle and a coffee kettle - namely, the handle. Now that you know what I'm talking about, let's see how a regular kettle works...

Generally, a kettle has a built-in temperature gauge which shows you the current temperature of the water inside the coffee kettle. The temperature gauge is usually a ring or a gauge plate that's placed on top of the unit, and the water temperature is displayed in degrees Fahrenheit. This is the way it usually works: when the handle of the coffee kettle is pulled up, it releases the water from the reservoir, forcing the water to the overflow hole, where it causes the water to be dashed out across the surface of whatever water is in the reservoir at that instant.

In modern coffee kettles, there is an additional feature: the built-in spout. Stainless steel or cast iron spout is built right into the lid, so that it can be accessed without opening the pot. The spout allows the steam to be pushed out through the overflow hole, keeping the coffee hot even after all the water in the pot is gone. Modern coffee kettles also come with a strainer built into the lid to catch any drips from the hot steam that can sometimes occur. A strainer can be useful for getting rid of lime scale build up that can form on stainless steel, but it's not necessary.



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