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Coffee Kettle - Which One Is Right For You?

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Coffee Kettle - Which One Is Right For You?

If you are a coffee lover and have two cups right now, it is either you are going to make a special coffee for yourself or go out and buy a new coffee kettle. Some people prefer one type of kettle over another, some prefer a model that has many functions while others just want a kettle that will bring them a good cup every time. When looking at which coffee kettle to buy, think about what you use it for most. If you are someone who only uses the kettle to bring you a cup of coffee, a simple single cup coffee kettle is probably going to do the job. However, if you like to brew different types of coffee, a multi-purpose coffee kettle will give you the power to brew several different blends of coffee in one pot.

The 8 Best Coffee Kettles. The Coffee Gator pours over coffee kettle is a powerhouse of a kettle. It comes fully equipped with a thermometer so you know exactly how much liquid you're getting. Whether you're making coffee or tea, you need to be certain that your water is at the correct temperature so that you don't scorch your grounds or leaves. The pour over coffee kettle is made to be very versatile and is an excellent choice for any coffee lover who wants the best in convenience.

The Thermo Kettle. This type of kettle is more of a warming device than a coffee kettle, but it is still pretty efficient. Most coffee kettles only heat the liquid as it sits in the pot, but a theme kettle actually continuously warms the kettle while it is full and waiting for a sip of cold coffee. Once you've had your coffee you can shut off the heating element and put the kettle back on the heat setting. This makes the process of making coffee very convenient because all you need to do is shut off the heating element after the pot has been heated to suit your liking and then make your coffee.



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